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Hyperbaric Soft Chambers at various pressure options: 1.3 ATA 32 KPA or 1.4 ATA 42 KPA (33% more pressure).
One of a kind triple-layer Structure: Bladder 44 Oz. Medical Grade Durable PET Polyester embodied TPU( NON-Toxic Medical Grade - Used By NASA). Also Phythalate FREE i.e. No off gassing!
Exceptionally strong and clear triple welded viewing windows allow plenty of light to the chamber the interior. From 3 to 7 windows depending on the chamber.
3 Years Warranty.
Efficient exhaust of carbon dioxide. Inline filters remove pollutants down to the micron level.
Seams are Triple welded for the 1.3 ATA Chambers and Penta Welded for the 1.4 ATA Systems.
An extraordinary multi-zipper system with some models equipped with 2 or 3 zippers. Center thick blue silicone flap with protective wrap provides long-term seal integrity.
Emergency pressure relief valve.
Internal modular and adjustable steel frame maintains the integrity and shape of the chamber when deflated and is more convenient than the bulky external frames. Some manufacturers have a bulky and unpleasing external frame.
Multiple pressure regulating valves allow for redundancy and safety.
Can be operated without assistance from an external operator. Models from other manufacturers require a secondary person to operate.
All chambers can be ordered with air conditioning system that can provide a substantial cooling effect.
Includes a 20 PSI 10 LPM oxygen generator. (This is an additional $1500 value).
Includes a dehumidifier that has a slight cooling effect. (A $700 Value).
Ionizer included.
Time tested for strength and durability. 7 years @ 8 hours per day at much higher pressures equivalent to over 30 years in standard usage…
Extensively Tested materials Food Grade and Phthalate Free.
Time tested for strength and durability.
Certified materials made form PET Polyester Covers embodied TPU Sourced From Germany Food Grade and Phthalate Free.
Includes video setup training, quick tips guides for usage, and customer support for any questions during acquaintance with the unit in addition to ongoing support.
Service & support 7/9.

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    Elevate your well-being with Bravo Probiotic Yogurt - a symphony of taste and health in every spoonful. Explore our artisan-crafted yogurt, carefully prepared to perfection with live and active cultures for a balanced digestive system. Indulge in the goodness of probiotics with Bravo Yogurt – where flavor meets nourishment. Your journey to a healthier lifestyle starts here.
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